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Financial Aid Services


Welcome to finaid online, the College Board's Financial Aid Services (FAS) site for college and university financial aid administrators. You will find tools and information to support your use of the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE, the Noncustodial PROFILE (NCP), and the Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC). You will also find service updates, information about workshops and important meetings, helpful links, and publications to download.

Get the complete financial picture at the right time.

Data Delivery

Download your institution's PROFILE, IDOC and NCP data and image files and submit data files to the College Board.


With this free service you can view your applicants' PROFILE data and computed values.


Learn more about the IDOC Service including FAQs and Best Practices. View your institution's applicants' IDOC images.


Access your institution's Noncustodial PROFILE Completion Report and your applicants' Noncustodial PROFILE Reports (NPRs); revise noncustodial parent data and recalculate computations.

Professional Development

View and download professional development presentations.


Learn more about the PROFILE Service.


Download PROFILE, NCP, and IDOC publications, including Users' Guides, data layouts, and student publications.

Service Options

Enter, revise, or review your institution's selected PROFILE, NCP, IDOC, and Net Price Calculator service options and contact information.


Get aggregate PROFILE, NCP and IDOC statistics including registration/notification and submittal counts and PROFILE Roster Summary data.

Status Checking

Check an individual student's PROFILE, NCP, and IDOC status including registration and notification dates, application and IDOC packet submittal dates, and reporting dates.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8, 9, 10, and 11 are the only browsers approved for accessing finaid online. To view e-FNARs and IDOC images, the latest version of Adobe Reader or higher is required. e-FNARs and IDOC images may not display properly on Macs or via other browsers. Cookies must be enabled.


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