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Service Options

Use the buttons to the right to view, enter, or update your FAS (CSS Profile and NCP) Service Options (SOF). You can also download PDFs of the CSS Profile and IDOC Service Options Instructions to use while filling out your Service Options.

To enter and update your NCP options click "Update Service Options," then select "Go to CSS Profile Options" from the General Information page. From any page in the CSS Profile options, select "Noncustodial PROFILE" from the "Go to Section" drop down list box. See the CSS Profile Service Options Instructions for details on setting those options.

Because customized CSS Profile Applications are available for online completion on October 1, 2017, your 2018-19 Service Options should be submitted by September 1, 2017. If you want to use Supplemental Questions for 2018-19, your choices should also be finalized by September 1, 2017, in order to be available at the beginning of the processing year. If your institution would like to add supplemental questions that are not in the database, you must contact the College Board at finaidservices@collegeboard.org before September 1, 2017. Questions will not be added if received after September 1, 2017.

Once submitted, you can print a confirmation of the options selected. Check it carefully to ensure that you have accurately entered your institution's options.

Service Options can be modified throughout the year.

Before You Begin

When navigating your Service Options do not use the browser "back" or "forward" buttons. You must use the "Previous Section" and "Next Section" buttons or the section drop down list box to navigate, or your options will not be saved and you will be signed out of your Service Options.

Use the Help Links throughout your Service Options for more information.

Except for the General Information section, when completing your Service Options, you can choose to save, but not submit your changes. You can click on "Reset" in the application to erase changes you have made; the system will revert to what was originally on file. Changes or updates to your options are not active until you click on "Submit" and fill in the Payment Agreement. Changes to the General Information Section are immediately saved to the database. When you submit new options, they will be available immediately.

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