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View various statistics related to your Financial Aid Services (FAS) activity (PROFILE and Noncustodial PROFILE (NCP)) for your institution with this easy reporting system.

College Roster Summary Reports

College Roster Summary Reports provide cumulative data on the domestic filers submitting a PROFILE Application for your institution. The reports include Institutional Methodology (IM) results for dependent students, IM results for independent students, and Federal Methodology (FM) estimated expected family contribution results. The IM reports show the filer results by year in school and by specified income bands.

To access your Roster Summary Report, click the appropriate school year button. On the page that appears, enter the end date of the report and select the report you wish to run from the drop down list box. The Roster Summary results are always cumulative from the beginning of the processing year. The current day's activity is not included in the summary.

Run these reports to gain knowledge about your filers. For example:

  • Compare the income bands of your PROFILE filers to your accepted or admitted students
  • Create or continue a trend study of the income bands of your PROFILE filers

FAS Statistics

Click on the school year for which you would like to view your institution's service statistics. Once in that year, enter a given day or range of dates to receive information, and then click the "View FAS Statistics" button. For example:

  • Enter the date processing began through yesterday for an overall look at the year's activity,
  • or
  • Enter your PROFILE priority filing date to find out the activity at a peak time.

The statistics tool can be used for any range of dates from the beginning of PROFILE/NCP processing in a given academic year, up to the previous day. The current day's activity is not included in the report.

The statistics are broken down between First-Time Applicants and Renewal Students. First-Time Applicants are students who have not applied for financial aid from your institution before. Renewal Applicants are students who have applied for financial aid from your institution before.

The PROFILE statistics are also broken down between domestic and international applicants. For this purpose, a domestic applicant is one who is a U.S. or Canadian citizen or eligible non-citizen or one whose parent(s) live in the U.S. or Canada.

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