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The College Board considers security and confidentiality a high priority. On finaid online, security is a partnership between the College Board and institutional users.

How the College Board keeps applicant information secure

Every effort is made to guarantee the integrity and privacy of data submitted by students and parents. To ensure the highest level of security, the College Board has implemented systems that include a password protected site, multiple firewalls with unique security zones, data encryption, intrusion detection systems, data and system backups, and data integrity checks.

The lock icon at the top or bottom of the page means this website is using an encryption technology known as Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. The URL of websites using SSL will begin with "https:" instead of "http:" indicating the secure connection. SSL software authenticates that the College Board is the owner of this site. Click on the lock to obtain more information.

The institution's role in keeping applicant information secure

It is the institution's responsibility to ensure the security of their applicants' data through limiting access to secure areas of finaid online, good stewardship of the institution's access code(s), and employees' protection of their passwords. That includes:

  • Providing access to only those staff members who need access to secure areas of finaid online to perform their duties, and providing only the level of access that he or she needs. This is best achieved by ensuring that each staff member has his or her own login.
  • Immediately deactivating an employee's access to secure areas of finaid online when he or she leaves the institution or changes roles. This can be done through the Managing Access Tool or by calling (866)881-1167.
  • Maintaining good password protocols:
    • Not writing the password down where others can access it
    • Changing the password on a regular basis
    • Including the following in passwords
      • At least one lowercase alpha character [a-z]
      • At least one uppercase alpha character [A-Z]
      • At least one numeric character [0-9]

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