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NCP - How To Use

NCP Completion Report

Click on "NCP Completion Report" on the finaid online NCP Home Page to access a list of your students whose noncustodial parent has submitted the NCP.

When you access the page, the full list will show in alphabetical order within Report Date, the most recent Report Date at the top of the list. The Report Date is the day the NCP data is made available to you. The NCP Submit Date is the day that the NCP was submitted. In most cases the two dates will be the same. However, if a student completes an Add College Request (ACR) for your institution after the NCP has been submitted, the report date will be later than the submit date.

Several sort and filter options are available:

  • To sort alphabetically, click on the "Student's Last Name" column header.
  • To sort by date, click on the "Report Date" column header.
  • To view all students reported within a specific date range, enter a start date and end date (MM/DD/YYYY), then click "View List." You may enter any date from start up to today's date.
  • You may sort a specific date range alphabetically or by date by clicking on the appropriate column headers after entering the date range and clicking on "View List."
  • To go to a specific student in the list, click "Edit" on the Internet Explorer Menu bar. Select "Find on this page" and enter the name of the student you wish to find. Your screen will move to show the student?s name, which will be highlighted.
  • To go to a student's Noncustodial PROFILE Report (NPR), click on the student's last name. You may return to the Completion Report from an NPR by clicking on the "NCP Completion Report" button near the top of the page.
Noncustodial PROFILE Report (NPR)

A student's NPR may be accessed one of two ways:

  • Clicking on the student's last name on the NCP Completion Report.
  • Clicking on the "Noncustodial PROFILE Report" button on the NCP Home page, entering the student's CSS ID, Social Security Number, or last name and clicking on "View NPR."
On the NPR you may:

  • Access the information a noncustodial parent entered on his or her Noncustodial PROFILE.
  • View the initial IM computation.
  • Update the application data.
  • Recalculate the IM need analysis results.
  • Save the updated application data.
Each time you enter a student's NPR you will see the original application data and the computation that was performed based on the options you currently have in place in the SOF.

You may update any data field that is used in the base computation or any of the available options. Updatable fields are indicated by a text box or a drop down list box.

The computational fields are updated by clicking "Calculate."

If non-numeric data or data outside the acceptable range for that field is entered and "Recalculate" or "Save Version" is clicked, an error message will pop-up. When you click "ok" the cursor will go to the box with the invalid data.

Saving Versions

You may change the reported data and recalculate the results as often and as many times as you wish. However, you must click "Save Version" to save changes to the reported data. Your changes will NOT be saved automatically upon leaving the NPR.

  • Once a version is saved, it will be listed by date (MM-DD-YYYY) in the "Version" drop-down list box. (After the date will be a system ID number that you can ignore.)
  • Versions will be displayed from most recent to oldest, with the original data at the top and the bottom of the list. If two revisions are done on the same date, the most recent appears above the other.

We have found that depending on the printer and your default settings the right side of the page may be cut off when you print.

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE), the approved browser for viewing finaid online, you can adjust your margins by clicking on File > Page Setup in the top left corner of your screen (IE's toolbar). In the bottom right corner of the Page Setup box, change all margins to .25. This will affect everything you view and print via IE.

If you aren't using IE, or do not wish to change your IE default settings, you can ensure that the full page prints in a number of ways:

  • Clicking on print and then changing your print options to print the document at a percentage slightly below 100%. Where this option is found depends on the printer, but may be found under tabs such as "Effects" or "Advanced."
  • Clicking on print and then choosing landscape. This will cause it to print on more pages.
  • Changing your print default settings. How to do this will depend on the printer. This will affect everything you print, but will mean you don't have to change the options each time.

Saving an NPR as a Document

If you have an imaging system, or would otherwise like to save an electronic copy of an applicant's NPR, you can create a Word document of the NPR which you can save to a file or import into your imaging system. If you would like to save only the computation, select "Print Comp Only." Then highlight the NPR or the portions of the NPR you would like to save. Then copy the highlighted information and paste it into a new Word document.

Best Practices

NCP for International Students:

International students who qualify based on their colleges' requirements and their parents' marital status will be notified to submit a NCP. Please provide clear instructions to your international students as to your NCP requirements.

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